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      Me Waice Ferdoussi
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Our Mission Help you immigrate to Canada & resolve your legal issues.

Our Mission

Since 1989, Waice Ferdoussi Attorney Company offers legal services in various fields of law. We provide you with a unique, personalised and professional service.


Our specialty is immigration law, however we also practice in business law, private international law as well as penal and criminal law.


Our world wide network allows us to be in contact with our clients and law firms throughout the world.

Thus, we smooth the progress of our proceedings regarding your establishment in Canada or to resolve your legal problems.



Our Lawyers:

All of our professionals are dedicated and trust worthy.


Me Waice Ferdoussi (LL.B.), a member of the Quebec Bar, is also an Associate member of the Bar Association of Brussels, which allows him to plead in all countries of the European Economic Community. Me Maria Stamatelos (LL.B) is a member of the Quebec Bar.

The lawyers of Waice Ferdoussi Attorney Company are fluent in various languages: French, English, Spanish, Persian, Dari, Pashtu, and Greek.




Our Services:

Areas of practice:  

-         Immigration:

o      Permanent or temporary residence applications

§        Skilled-workers class

§        Refugees

§        Work visa

·        Work permit applications which enable you to enter Canada within a few months to work and the possibility, after 1 year of full-time work, to apply for Permanent Resident visa.

§        Student visa

·        Come to Canada to study for 1 year with the possibility, after 1 year, to apply for Permanent Resident visa.

§        Visitor visa

o      Citizenship: obtaining Canadian citizenship and cases of lost citizenship

o      Quebec Experience Program

§        Allows you to apply for permanent resident visa after 1 year for workers and for Quebec graduates of recognized Quebec institutions.

o      Representation before all levels of the Courts:

§        Federal Court

§        Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada:

·        Refugee Protection Division

·        Immigration Division

·        Immigration Appeal Division

§        Detention by the Canada Border Service Agency

§        Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

§        Removal or deportation orders

§        Humanitarian and compassionate considerations

§        Cases of lost permanent residency and refugees status


-         Criminal and penal Law

-         Private international law: dispute between individuals and Canadian companies and foreigners companies

-         Extradition Cases and Prisoner’s transfer from Canada or to Canada

-         Insurance Law: claim against insurance company

-         Disciplinary law and protection of professionals’ rights (dentists, real estate agents, accountants…)

-         Malpractice cases against doctors   

-         Disputes between international companies



General Information:


v     If you decide to immigrate, a preliminary form must be completed by the candidate so that we evaluate your eligibility (eligibility on-line is for investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed and skilled worker categories only).


v     This preliminary form is then evaluated by an attorney who will decide, with the information on hand, the best procedure to follow.


v     A contract will be signed in between the client and Waice Ferdoussi Attorneys Company.

v     When the file is completed, we submit it to the immigration office abroad.

v     We will prepare the candidate who must undergo an interview at an immigration office.

v     If required by the candidate, a lawyer of our firm will offer assistance for the interview at an immigration office.

v     For the purpose of an exploratory visit to Canada and/or upon entering Canada as a permanent resident, we offer assistance for temporary lodging, as well as for obtaining a social insurance card, a Medicare card and a driver's license.

v     Furthermore, we will assist in obtaining Canadian citizenship.



To contact us:

72 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 3

Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H2X 1X3

Tel.:    (514) 849-7311
Fax:     (514) 849-7313

E-mail: canada@ferdoussi.com






Our attorneys, as experts in citizenship and immigration law and other areas of law have access to confidential information. We realize that your confidence in us represents a serious responsibility.

Our priority is to respect the confidentiality of your identity and private information.  Under no circumstances do we permit access to your file, and we make sure that all authorities and any third parties that may intervene respect this policy.


Passporttocanada, as well as Waice Ferdoussi Attorneys and its collaborators cannot guarantee that information will not be lost, used unlawfully or modified in a fraudulent manner by a third party when it is communicated to us over the Internet. Nor can any data transmission over the Internet be guaranteed to be completely confidential. We are not liable for the use any third party may make of your information.


Passporttocanada reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement when appropriate and without prior notice.














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